Hair Replacement
At Celebrity Hair we strive to offer the latest breakthroughs in hair replacement. Our hair replacement is designed to match age, face and design naturally.
We have the most natural hairline designs available on the market today. New thin dermaskin technology allows for an experience only second to that of your own natural growing hair. Bergen is considered one of the best in the hair replacement industry. She has a gift for knowing the perfect density, placement, recession and best design for each individual.
Hair Extensions
At Celebrity Hair we offer the latest Tape In Celebrity Hair Extensions. Made of 100% Euro Human Hair, our extensions can be re-used and last up to 1 year. We have explored many methods of hair extensions and find Celebrity Hair Extensions to be the least damaging, most natural and most comfortable extensions on the market today. With a full inventory in stock we are able to do most extensions in the same day. Our extensions are 18" long and they can be cut and styled into an existing haircut to add volume or left longer to add length.
At Celebrity Hair we offer all hair replacement studio services. We can "repair" almost any hair system or wig for both men and women. We can add hair, add grey, repair torn bases, or any other service available. most of this can be done in as little as 1 week.
At Celebrity Hair we only use safe and proven bonding products. Our services are consistent and highly professional. For each client we keep records of all products used and strive to maintain consistency in hold, placement and styling. We keep up to date with all the latest bonding techniques and products through hair replacement training courses.You will look perfect and consistent upon every visit.
At Celebrity Hair we can color your own hair to match your hair system, touch up gray or do any necessary coloring on your hair system. We use only the best color lines to insure grey coverage and healthy conditioning color for your hair system. Many times hair systems have a tendency to lighten up and get a brassy tone. We are very familiar with all of the methods to keep your hair system and hair a perfect match. We are also able to hi-light and do corrective color as needed.
Cuts (cut-ins)
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of having a great hairpiece. You have the system, it looks great, but you need someone with the knowledge and experience to give it a great cut. At Celebrity hair our specialty is the cut. Knowing where and how much to thin, cut, etc. This knowledge only comes with talent and experience. Customers have flown, driven, travelled many miles for our expertise, and here we are right in your back yard.
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    Little about Celebrity Hair Replacement

    For over a decade Celebrity Hair has been the leading hair replacement center in the Coachella Valley. At Celebrity Hair we offer the finest quality products and most professional service in the industry. Our goal at Celebrity Hair is to help our clients solve their hair loss problems. If you have any type of hair loss due to genetics, medications or treatments we encourage you to contact us and together we can find a solution.
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    44-575 Portola Ave.
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  • Testimonials

    • " I have been wearing hairpieces for 5 years now and I have tried 3 different Hair Replacement centers over the years, now I use Celebrity Hair Replacement. It's been 4 months that Bergen has serviced my Hair Piece and I love the way she does it, I'm sure I will stay with her as long as I live in Palm Desert. She is a pro and she gave me a new look, I feel good every day going out. Thanks again.
      Paul Black, Manager
    • " I can only say this Celebrity hair Replacement change my life and look better then it was when I was younger thanks thanks thanks. "
      Jane Smith, CEO - Company